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“I fundamentally believe that knowing ones passions is the single most critical factor for success. It is the number one thing I tell to CEOs, entrepreneurs and kids. The Passion Test is something I need to share with everybody I know.”
Dr. Peter H. Diamandis
Founder and Executive Chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation
“I was amazed at the process – the simplicity and power of it. It has supported me in being much clearer in my daily priorities – brilliant!”
D. C. Cordova
CEO and co-founder Excellerated Business Schools
“After years of focusing on my dreams, The Passion Test gave me a new depth, clarity and perspective on what’s truly important to me… and what’s not. I’m now going to redesign my life to live more aligned with my passions.”
Marcia Wieder
CEO, Dream University
“When I did the work on discovering your passion with Chris and Janet in a workshop, I wasn’t expecting that much to happen because I am already living my passion — teaching others about how to become more successful. However, their powerful process took me to an even deeper place, where I realized I was not spending enough time with my true number one passion — my family! That realization, and the other work they did with me, has changed the way I have lived the past year.”
Jack Canfield
Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul®

About Mona

Mona is a Passion and Purpose strategist, life Coach, Speaker and a True Mentor.
She has dedicated herself to helping mindful leaders discover their True Passions, Be Crystal Clear about What they Want For and From themselves, align their personal and professional lives with what matters most to them, and have a great time both at home and at work.
She speaks to the heart of individuals who seek professional success and personal fulfillment and always seeking to be greater human beings.
Mona speaks her truth to Empower others to live their truth and provides the inspiration that empowers people into self-motivation, and the action steps to succeed.
Mona believes that no one knows you better than you and if somebody outside of you determines what happens within you, then you are experiencing the worst form of submission.
Drawing on the best methodologies from renowned self-help gurus such as Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Chris & Janet Attwood and many more,Mona guides, her clients towards living a meaningful joyful life by helping transform their Self limiting beliefs into self fulfilling breakthroughs to achieve their highest potential and every day work on being mindful of aligning their mind, body and heart.
As a “citizen of the world,” Mona has lived in fourteen countries and speaks French, Italian, Arabic, and English. During her years abroad, Mona worked for Fortune 500 and nonprofit organizations such as
Procter &Gamble, Johnson Wax, Beiersdorf, and UNICEF.